So you think you know all about men?  Here is a list of their TRUE traits and axioms that you never knew existed


  1. Practice the 5 day rule
    1. Others use the five second rule – if food falls on the floor and they pick it up within five seconds it can be eaten – not TRUE MEN
  2. Change their underwear EVERY month unfailingly whether they need to be or not
  3. Can be persuaded by pizza and beer
  4. Are amused by anything, as long as it’s simple
  5. The ‘F’ word is standard vocabulary to be used as many times as possible
  6. The floor is their closet
  7. Never forget to pack an extra pair of sox and underwear when going on a three week trip
  8. Brush off the mold. If the food is not black it can be eaten
  9. Pizza found behind the couch is great
  10. Must scratch their privates at least once an hour
  11. Will see only the true character of a woman no matter how pretty
  12. Can never be wrapped around the finger of a beautiful woman
  13. Don’t know the meaning of the word subterfuge
  14. Will take shopping with a woman over football every time
  15. Will always be as understanding as they think they can tolerate
  16. F*** understanding
  17. Sleeves are portable handkerchiefs