I live in Florida, land of searing Summers with armor piercing sun and drenching humidity.  NO one who lives here looks forward to the summer.  Those who can, go north during the summer.  I can’t, so my heat index endurance is sorely tested.  It is for this reason that I dread spring, because spring means searing summer is right behind. 

       I love animals, including birds.  I am fortunate enough to have a Magnificent Magnolia tree right outside my kitchen window that the birds, in their migratory habits, love to stop. My Magnolia tree is a rest stop on the highway to their final destinations.

       The other day I saw them.  Robins.  Not one, not two, not three but a whole flock of them in my back yard!  “Oh man,” I thought.  “They’re here”.  Yikes!  Don’t get me wrong, I love Robins.  It’s not them, it’s what they represent.  They signal that springtime has come.  First comes the beginning of spring with slightly warmer temperatures. Then the end of Spring with pretty hot temperatures, then:  SUMMER TIME!!!  SEARING SUMMER TIME!!!  ARMOR PIERCING SUN SUMMERTIME!!!  DRENCHING HUMIDITY SUMMERTIME!!!  Yuck!!!!!  

       My heart sank. Up north there are people who stay in all winter long to avoid the cold and snow.  Here in Florida we stay inside the whole summer to avoid the searing heat, armor piercing sun and four shower a day humidity.  I become a hermit in the summer.  I only go out for food, like a bear in hibernation but in reverse.  Florida is a wonderful state – but the summers……

       So, that is why when those cute, happy, colorful, energetic, cheerful, wonderful Robins come, I CRINGE!!!   I KNOW WHAT’S COMING!!!