A Whimsical View of Everything

Capturing the Magic of Life Through The Eyes Of a Daydreamer

So what’s EdzWorld about you ask?   It’s about my screwy observations on the things I see around me. It’s about things that amaze me, overwhelm me, befuddle me, are beautiful to me; are touching to me.  It’s about life, living, nature and the universe, whatever piques my interest at that particular moment.   There’s a saying. “I walk to the beat of a different drummer.” Or something like that.  That’s me.  I see things from a whole different perspective, my perspective – and I don’t care if it’s conventional or way out there.  I say and do what feels right and not hurtful.  Rules are for other people. Good grammar?  Only if it suits me.  Words?  I make em up as I need them.  Subjects?  Whatever suits my fancy.  So if you are put off by bad grammar and silly observations than this site is not for you.  If you like whimsy and humor than you might like it.  I hope so.